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At UDP offices we want to ensure that we offer a seamless, convenient experience for all our patients. What does that mean? It means from the scheduling to understanding the treatment plan and cost, to answering questions about your insurance and billing.

But it doesn’t stop there, at UDP our patients are family so it’s not just about answering your questions it’s about providing you the information you are looking for in an easy, friendly way.

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All UDP providers accept most insurance plans

We work hard to provide all families with a seamless, convenient experience and it is our mission is to expand access to high-quality dental care in your community. That’s why we are proud to accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid, and offer a variety of convenient financial options to meet the unique needs of your family.


When your insurance is out-of-network, what does that mean?

Different UDP offices have contracts with various insurance companies. When an insurance company is out of network it means UDP is not contracted with that insurance company. We still accept the insurance and will bill the out of network insurance company accordingly for services the patient receives. The insurance company will pay UDP the out of network benefits. The patient will then be responsible for paying the UDP office the remaining balance. If further information is needed regarding out of network benefits, our recommendation is to call your insurance company and ask about your out of network benefits.

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